Allotment Association

Flowers and vegetables growing on allotments

Olveston Parish Allotment and Gardeners' Association (known as OPAGA) was set up in 1986 with the objectives:

   - To promote members' interest in their Allotment and Gardening activities.

   - To take joint action for the mutual benefit of all.

The allotment site, comprising over 60 plots of varying sizes, is located on the corner of Aust Road and Elberton Road, with access from both. Plots range in size between 15 and 150 square metres with rents ranging from £17 to £37 per annum. The waiting list is made up mainly of parishioners, but with some from outside the parish. As you might expect, parishioners take priority over those from outside the Parish.

The Association is responsible for the administration of the allotments, letting the plots and distributing Tenancy Agreements, collecting rents and generally ensuring that the site is well kept.  These tasks are run by a committee, with other willing helpers co-ordinating specific tasks, notably cutting the grass paths on the site.

The committee members are voted in each year at the Annual General Meeting, which is jointly held with a Social Evening, and all Allotment holders, Gardening members (members without allotments) and those on the Waiting List are welcome to attend.

- The Chairman is Marlene Baker, 18 Ley Lane, Olveston. Tel: 619289

- The Secretary is Jan Winter, The Hollow, Church Hill, Olveston.  Tel: 612641

- The Treasurer is Brian Brown, 51 Laxton Close, Olveston. Tel: 617156

John Hughes, John Clayton, Geoff Anderson and Jill Boreham make up the rest of the committee.

Should you wish to make enquiries, would like further information or apply for an allotment, any one of us will be only too pleased to help you. We can be contacted by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.