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Olveston & District Bridge Club meets at Alveston Methodist Hall every Wednesday at 7.30pm.

Why "Olveston & District" when we meet at Alveston Methodist Hall? Quite simply, the club began at Olveston Methodist Hall, but soon outgrew the premises and moved to Alveston!

The Club was actually started following an invitation for Ralph Smith to run a Bridge course in the village. At the time he was a bit dubious about the potential interest, but was astonished when at the first lesson there were almost 40 present! When the course ended, he was urged to form a club and the vast majority are still attending - and not looking a day older...

This really is the friendliest Bridge Club in the country. We play duplicate every Wednesday and new players are always welcome. You don't need a partner - as long as you can play Bridge we will find you one.

So come along to Alveston Methodist Hall, Wednesdays at 7.30, or phone Ralph & Lesley Smith on 01275 840006 for more information.

Check out our website for more details.

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