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Olveston Young Farmers' Club

Olveston Young Farmers is a youth-run organisation, meeting at 7.30 pm on Monday evenings, at Falfield Village Hall.  We have a very varied programme of talks and visits and we carry out fundraising activities for local and national charities, as well as for club funds.  Our current active membership is around 20 people and our ages range from 10 - 23 years.  We feel like a big family!

We welcome guests to visit the club and find out what we are about.  We are always happy to introduce a new member to all the fun we have through competitions, socialising and fundraising.  

We are the most southerly-based of the Young Farmers' Clubs associated with Gloucestershire Young Farmers' Clubs and we compete against other YFCs in, for example, an annual quiz night, a ten pin bowling evening and a county skittles tournament.  At the Annual YFC Rally, all the Gloucestershire clubs take part in many competitions to show the public what we do, after which we party late into the night!  We also socialise with members of other YFCs at the annual Three Counties Ball in Bristol and the Snow Ball held at Cheltenham Town Hall.

Olveston Young Farmers' Club was established in 1945 - that's 70 years ago!  Back in those days, it was a chance for farmers' sons and daughters to get together and socialise out of the hay-making season.  They regularly met for skittles and bought a few drinks with their hard-earned money.  They enjoyed attending dances and taking part in a number of traditional competitions such as ploughing matches and hedge laying.  Things haven't changed a lot now.  We still socialise heavily and enter competitions but we meet all year round.  The club is open to anybody from any walk of life.  In fact, probably only 20% of the club consists of that rare breed, farmers' sons and daughters.  A declining species!

Every year, a new committee is selected from the current members to carry the club forward into the future.  This is a great team-building exercise, which shares responsibilities.  A lot of new skills can be gained from this process.

"You only get from Young Farmers what you put into it!"



Contact details for Olveston Young Farmers:

Chair: Richard Lyons - 07519 780925    Secretary: Erin Greenfield - 07559 288923

For more details about Olveston or other local Young Farmers Clubs, contact the county federation of Young Farmers' Clubs, Gloucestershire YFC:

Tel: 01452 526032     email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.      


Olveston Young Farmers